Building Brave Anniversary

One year ago, Building Brave launched its new virtual community, made by women for women! Since that day every engagement—large or small—and every new member has built a diverse, knowledgeable and supportive community.

Building Brave thanks every member, every Mentor, every Expert, and all of their supporters. It is these women who make their mobile community thrive. Daily exchanges of advice and guidance strengthen the ties and lift women up. They have created this powerful, virtual network to energize women anytime, anywhere—for women from any walk of life.

A Building Brave member recently said, “I have been so inspired by the Building Brave community, and while being inspired is one thing, I am taking actions that are moving me closer to my career goals.”

That is what Mary Burke envisioned when she started Building Brave, and that is what the team at Building Brave strives to do every single day. Download the free mobile app today from the App Store or Google Play to learn more about their vision to empower 10 million women worldwide.