We created Building Brave knowing how vital connection, support, and community are for women’s lives—even and especially when we face challenges. Trying times reveal both our vulnerability and our strength. As we strive to continue making a positive impact in our work and in the world, remember Building Brave as your resource for calm, encouraging, and reliable insight and inspiration.

As a nonprofit, we exist solely to support women. No advertising, no judging, and no artifice, ever. Just women supporting women—plain, simple, honest. It just feels good and upbeat, a place we need and a community that matters, especially now.

Deeply meaningful and valuable for all women, the Building Brave app is:

Community. Connecting women 24/7, we help each other feel less isolated, clearly heard, warmly supported, and confident—important in this remote-working time. As our network of women grows, so grows our wisdom, connectivity and circle of support.

A Boost. A positive light, with positive ideas, Building Brave lifts up women in all aspects of their lives. Could be just the boost you and the women you know could use right now.

Safe + Secure. Digital distance (of course), anonymity when desired and space held for women’s lived experiences ensure we are wrapped in genuine support.

Insightful + Relevant. Expert and Mentor advice encircles us with indispensable tips, ideas and inspiration from women in the know. This week’s Expert Shainna Ali, Ph.D., self-love expert and author, educator and professional counselor, who offers insight into cultivating a healthy, empowering sense of self-love and accomplishment to succeed in your life and career.

Essential. A sisterhood relevant to our times. No judgement. Just honesty, authenticity, compassion and trusted advice we can act on.

Wishing everyone good health and deep breaths!

Mary Burke
Founder & CEO

To join our community, from your phone, click below to download the app (no charge) and encourage the women in your life to download it too.