Welcome Featured Presence Expert Eleni Kelakos!

Building Brave kicks off a Month of Virtual Presence by welcoming Presence + Presentation Expert Eleni Kelakos to the Building Brave app. As a former Screen actress and singer-songwriter, Eleni has some great insider tips for recharging your personal presence to increase your professional potential!

From guiding you through the importance of self-advocacy to demonstrating why it’s so important to use your voices to not only be heard but to be seen, Eleni offers a wealth of small, everyday practices for reenergizing your dynamic, powerful self-presence. As we head into unknown territory, working from home and having to rely on virtual platforms for all our communication needs, being able to rely on a powerful personal presence may be that essential something you need to thrive. 

To connect with Eleni directly and access her helpful exercises, download and register with Building Brave’s free app!