New Feature: In-App Mentor Q&As!

If you haven’t had a chance to meet any of the outstanding women volunteering their time to be Building Brave Mentors, don’t miss out on our brand new feature: In-app Q&As! We’ve asked our Mentors to share a little bit about themselves, their experiences, and their lives by answering a few of our Q&A questions. Starting this week with Cindi Short, Co-Owner & CEO of Lexico, our in-app Q&As give you an opportunity to get to know these amazing women a little more candidly. Cindi is an invaluable part of our Mentor team, and her Q&A gives you a little peek at her sense of humor, kindness, and warmth. To get to know Cindi and our team of Mentors, look for their Q&As in Building Brave’s free app!