Building Brave hosted Women’s Leadership Expert Sally Helgesen on May 24, 2021 for a powerful interview including member questions. Sally revealed four common habits from her internationally best-selling book, How Women Rise. Members learned practical tips and advice around the following habits from the book:

1. Reluctance to Claim Your Accomplishments

2. Expecting Others to Spontaneously Notice + Reward Your Contributions

6. Putting Your Job Before Your Career

8. The Disease to Please

Sally will be answering member questions throughout the summer, exclusively in the Building Brave Community. Ask Sally a question about the four habits we discussed during the presentation for a chance to win a copy of her book (check out the full post for rules + regulations; contest ends June 4, 2021).

If you missed the live event, catch the replay here. Sally will join us again later this summer and fall, along with other experts, so stay tuned at!