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Helping Women Discover Data-Savvy Skills

Wish you could utilize data to demonstrate your accomplishments + professional value, but math and metrics aren’t your strong suits? Meet Laura Brandenburg, Author + Business Analyst Coach, who is sharing her strategies for women to take  steps toward becoming data-savvy professionals! Check out her Q&A and blog post for actionable ideas, only on Building […]

Stress+Burnout: Getting Through Hard Times

We asked how women from across multiple organizations are mitigating stress and dealing with burnout during personal hardship and challenging times. Hosted by Stress and Burnout Expert Dr. Ellen Albertson, get guidance and ideas that support your wellbeing and join in to share your own!

Welcome Stress+Burnout Expert!

This week, we’ve invited Stress + Burnout Expert Dr. Ellen Albertson to share her easy and accessible tips for coping with stress and burnout during challenging times.    Dr. Ellen is a Psychologist, Registered Dietitian, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher. She has a true passion for guiding women through […]

Now Available On Your Desktop!

Did you know you can now access the support, guidance, and insights of the Building Brave community from the comfort of your keyboard? This week, Building Brave launches a full website version of its popular app! It’s now easier than ever to tap into the great advice and the inspirational support of thousands of Building […]

We Envision Workplaces Where Women Thrive

This week in Building Brave, we’re Crowd-Solving “How Do You Envision A Workplace Where Women Can Thrive?” With special Guest Host Krista Brookman, A Workplaces that Work For Women Expert, we’re asking women to share their vision for a workplace that is committed to ensuring women thrive in their jobs. We want to know what […]

Welcome Catalyst VP Krista Brookman!

As we face a post-pandemic future, it’s more critical than ever that women have the tools & resources they need to not only succeed but to really bloom in their careers. This week, we’ve invited Workplaces for Women Expert Krista Brookman to share her expertise on how to make sure women are not only surviving […]

Tips to Grow Your Virtual Network with Building Brave

Social distancing has put a (necessary) stopper on our usual networking activities, making it a lot harder to forge new acquaintances & meaningful connections. That’s why we’re Crowd-Solving how to find fresh opportunities and grow your network, virtually this week at Building Brave! With the guidance of host Michelle Ngome, Connection Strategist + Networking Expert, […]

Welcome Networking + Connection Strategist!

It’s not easy to grow new connections during a pandemic, which is why we’re thrilled to invite self-described “Connection Strategist” Michelle Ngome to the Building Brave app! Michelle is an expert at the subtle art of creating effective connections, and is the author of “Network, Navigate & Nurture: The Equation to Strategic Networking”. She is […]

Meet Global Executive Sales Leader!

This week, get to know Mentor Angie Rieger, Senior Vice President of Planning and Head of International + Wholesale at Land’s End, Inc. Angie sits on the Board of Directors for Thrivent Financial, a Fortune 500 company, and is responsible for providing the critical strategic vision that has been central to market success.

Meet STEM Non-Profit Visionary!

If you haven’t had a chance to meet any of the incredible women volunteering their time to be Building Brave Mentors, don’t miss out on our feature: In-app Q&As! This week, get to know Winnie Karanja, STEM educator and non-profit leader. Winnie founded Maydm, which offers STEM programming education and enrichment opportunities to hundreds of […]