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Meet Career Coach Amy!

This week, Career Strategist + Coach Amy Krymkowski joins us in the Community to answer your questions and help you jumpstart your career post-COVID!

#ChooseToChallenge: Gender Equity

This week, we’re taking on gender equity in leadership for our final #ChooseToChallenge topic. Join women as they share their own stories of facing inequity in the workplace, and their ideas + insights for challenging the issue.

#ChooseToChallenge: Job loss

This week, we’re continuing our #ChooseToChallenge series with trivia + discussion on how we can challenge the record job loss + setbacks women have faced during COVID-19. Join us in the app and share your insight!

Women Tackle: Unconscious Bias

How often do women encounter biased feedback in their performance reviews? This week, the women of Building Brave #ChooseToChallenge the negative and unconscious bias that is holding them back from truly thriving! Join the conversation + share your own experiences with unconscious bias. 

#ChooseToChallenge with Building Brave!

This week, women across Building Brave are honoring #ChooseToChallenge, International Women’s Day’s official pledge to challenge inequality + bias when you see it, where you see it. Join us in the Community for some eye-opening trivia and conversation about challenging the gender gap in unpaid labor.

Happy IWD!

It’s International Women’s Day (March 8) and women across the Building Brave platform will be inspiring each other all month! We’re starting by sharing recommendations for free IWD-related conferences and events!

In Honor of Black History Month

This week, women across the Building Brave platform are nominating the Black Women in their lives who make a difference every day in everything they do! Nominate someone special in your life + share her story! The first 100 nominees will receive a special gift from us in appreciation!

Are You Stacking Your Habits?

This week in Building Brave, we’re highlighting a clever technique for growing new competencies and skill-sets! Called “Stacking Habits” by Author James Clear, the theory is that you can grow fresh habits quickly + easily by stacking them onto ones you’ve already mastered! Check out his idea here and discover what habits Building Brave women […]