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Set Your Intentions + Share Your Interests!

This week, the women of Building Brave are setting their new intentions for 2021 and saying goodbye to the hardships + hassles of 2020! Join us for some forward-thinking motivation, and tell us about your own personal intentions!

Women’s Best Career Investments

Women unite across the Building Brave platform to share the professional investments that have made the most impact on their careers. Discover what made all the difference (networking events, certifications, career coaching, etc.) and share your own story!

Interview With Erin Brockovich!

On December 16, Building Brave’s CEO + Founder Mary Burke is sitting down with acclaimed environmental activist + consumer advocate Erin Brockovic to discuss her new book “Superman’s Not Coming: Our National Water Crisis and What We the People Can Do About It”. You can watch this all-virtual event w/Boswell Books & UW-Milwaukee’s Women’s Leadership […]

Finding The Perfect Mentor

This week, women in the community are sharing their experiences + insight with finding and connecting with a great mentor or sponsor! We asked where women should look for mentorship, what makes a great mentor so great, and what are some of the warning signs to watch out for in a bad fit! Explore the […]

Fuel Your Future w/Feedback

We’ve asked women from across multiple organizations to share how they’ve used feedback to kick-start their career growth. We want to know where they look for feedback and how to discern when to take some feedback with a grain of salt. Explore the conversation + join us in the community starting November 30!

Women Share: Asking For What You Want

Does asking for what you want feel intimidating? Do you worry that you’ll sound too forward, too aggressive, too demanding? You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve invited women leaders from across multiple organizations + sectors to share their experience + strategies with asking for what you want (and getting it)! Join us + share your […]

Join WIT to Grow Your Confidence for Conflict

Women in Tech from across multiple organizations and around the globe are weighing in this week on how to challenge ideas and advocate for the outcome you want by embracing healthy workplace conflict + competition. Because it’s not always easy to speak up, disagree, and get your ideas on the table, we’re sharing the inspiration […]

Join Women In Tech From Across the World!

We love bringing women together to share ideas that can grow careers! This week we’re hosting female technologists from around the globe to discuss the best programs for mentoring and sponsorship. They’ll also reveal how women in tech can reimagine what to look for in role models who can help shape their career success. Explore […]

Women Get Data Confident

Explore our in-depth two-part conversation as women across dozens of organizations discuss how they’re finding their confidence in metrics+analytics and using data-savvy skills to sharpen their edge, showcase their value, and make an impact in their department! Check out the conversation here, only in the Building Brave Community!