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Communcation Expert Robyn Hatcher on I.C.U. Priority Needs

Communication Expert Robyn Hatcher joined Building Brave on Thursday July 15th for a live, Zoom event where she walked us through her I.C.U. Priority needs and Communication Rx approach. She’s teaching us how understanding the six basic communication needs can help us tailor our delivery in a way that is both personal and persuasive. If […]

Sally Helgesen on Why You Need to Write an Intention Statement

The women of Building Brave have spoken + shared their questions with Leadership Expert Sally Helgesen! This week she’s answering Member Pooja S.’s question about when and where she should use an intention statement to achieve her goals. Sally responds, “I would use an intention statement at every opportunity you get!” Learn what Sally’s personal […]

Leadership Expert Sally Helgesen on Harmful Habits

We invited Building Brave Members to ask Women’s Leadership Expert Sally Helgesen questions after her recent live Zoom event. Member Jen Z. posted in the app asking: “What are some tips to stay out of the perfection trap + the disease to please mindset?” Sally replies, “These are definitely mindsets, or assumptions we make about […]

Welcome Women’s Leadership Expert Sally Helgesen

Building Brave hosted Women’s Leadership Expert Sally Helgesen on May 24, 2021 for a powerful interview including member questions. Sally revealed four common habits from her internationally best-selling book, How Women Rise. Members learned practical tips and advice around the following habits from the book: 1. Reluctance to Claim Your Accomplishments 2. Expecting Others to […]

Customized Panels Suited for Your Organization

As our Building Brave Community grows, so does our ability to craft customized content specific to your organization’s events + activities. We recently created a custom panel for our Community partners that showcased stories + advice from qualified contributors. The conversations that followed were beneficial to women’s professional growth + facilitated deeper connection amongst peers. […]

Welcome Expert Robyn Hatcher!

Writer, Screenwriter, Former Actor and Communication Expert Robyn Hatcher helps you discover + maximize the strengths of your unique communication style! Visit the Building Brave community to see more tips and Q+A with Robyn. Robyn recently hosted an exclusive Zoom event on how we can increase our impact by understanding our individual communication style. If […]

Meet Career Coach Amy!

This week, Career Strategist + Coach Amy Krymkowski joins us in the Community to answer your questions and help you jumpstart your career post-COVID!

#ChooseToChallenge: Gender Equity

This week, we’re taking on gender equity in leadership for our final #ChooseToChallenge topic. Join women as they share their own stories of facing inequity in the workplace, and their ideas + insights for challenging the issue.

#ChooseToChallenge: Job loss

This week, we’re continuing our #ChooseToChallenge series with trivia + discussion on how we can challenge the record job loss + setbacks women have faced during COVID-19. Join us in the app and share your insight!