Building Brave Presents: Overcoming Fear + Anxiety: Build a Meaningful Personal & Professional Life Featuring Psychologist Jill A Stoddard

Have you ever faced a sense of uncertainty or lack of control over your work, or maybe you have felt a heightened sense of responsibility in your role? If you have, you’ll want to watch our insightful discussion with Jill Stoddard, psychologist, author + podcast host. She shares powerful tools to help us recognize + deal with fear, anxiety + stress at work so we can reframe our self-talk + focus on the tasks at hand.

Watch the replay:


If you have a questions for Jill after watching, ask them here. 10 lucky winners who post a question in the app will be chosen to win a copy of Jill’s book, Be Mighty: A Woman’s Guide to Liberation from Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Using Mindfulness and Acceptance. Check back often because Jill will be sharing replies and offering insights in the coming months. Giveaway ends Dec 13. See in-app post for more details.

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Self-Limiting to Free-Standing and Fulfilled! With Women’s Leadership Expert Sally Helgesen

Have you ever felt like taking the chair in the back, or have you lessened your personality to suit others? Have you stressed about past mistakes or found yourself stuck in negativity? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll want to make time to watch our third and final session with Women’s Leadership Expert Sally Helgesen as she unpacks three more behaviors that can limit your ability to find fulfillment at work.

Watch the replay:


If you have a questions for Sally after watching, ask them here. Sally will be sharing replies and offering insights in the coming months.

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Robyn Hatcher, founder and CEO, dynamic keynote speaker, communication expert, author, and award-winning actor recently hosted a Zoom event with Building Brave on Friday, October 15 for the women in our Community. During her session she helped us to understand and own our potential so we can transition from invisible to invaluable in our career! Robyn shared practical tips including how to overcome the “Negativity Bias Glitch” and offered advice on workplace toxicity and trust.

If you weren’t able to attend Robyn’s live event, you can catch the replay here:

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Jill Stoddard

Building Brave welcomed Psychologist + Stress Expert Jill Stoddard for a live Zoom event on Wednesday, September 15 where she broke down imposterism and the five common types of responses. She shared strategies to help women mitigate the stress and anxiety that accompany feelings of insecurity when we doubt our expertise in the workplace!

If you weren’t able to join us for Jill’s live event, you can catch the replay here:

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The world’s premier expert on women’s leadership + best-selling author, Sally Helgesen joined Building Brave on Monday, August 23 for a live Zoom discussion on how women can learn to ditch our desire for perfection + lean into our relationships. She’s sharing proven strategies that she’s found to help women most past the pitfalls + into success.

If you weren’t able to join us for Sally’s live event, you can watch some highlights here:

If you missed the. big event, you can catch the replay here:

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Communication Expert Robyn Hatcher joined Building Brave on Thursday July 15th for a live, Zoom event where she walked us through her I.C.U. Priority needs and Communication Rx approach. She’s teaching us how understanding the six basic communication needs can help us tailor our delivery in a way that is both personal and persuasive.

If you missed Robyn’s live event, you can watch some highlights from her presentation on:

Or catch the full replay here.

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The women of Building Brave have spoken + shared their questions with Leadership Expert Sally Helgesen! This week she’s answering Member Pooja S.’s question about when and where she should use an intention statement to achieve her goals.

Sally responds, “I would use an intention statement at every opportunity you get!” Learn what Sally’s personal intention statement is a read examples from others. 

Watch this quick clip where Sally shares why you need to get started today!

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We invited Building Brave Members to ask Women’s Leadership Expert Sally Helgesen questions after her recent live Zoom event. Member Jen Z. posted in the app asking: “What are some tips to stay out of the perfection trap + the disease to please mindset?”

Sally replies, “These are definitely mindsets, or assumptions we make about what is expected of us, so it is good to address each in that way. For the perfection trap, I find three things are helpful…”

Tap here to see Sally’s share her take on the “Disease to Please”.

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Building Brave hosted Women’s Leadership Expert Sally Helgesen on May 24, 2021 for a powerful interview including member questions. Sally revealed four common habits from her internationally best-selling book, How Women Rise. Members learned practical tips and advice around the following habits from the book:

1. Reluctance to Claim Your Accomplishments

2. Expecting Others to Spontaneously Notice + Reward Your Contributions

6. Putting Your Job Before Your Career

8. The Disease to Please

Sally will be answering member questions throughout the summer, exclusively in the Building Brave Community.

Q1 – Janette asks, “What is a way to claim my achievements without being perceived as a show-off?” Hear Sally speak on claiming your achievements.

Q2 – Jen wonders: “What are some tips to stay out of the perfection trap + the disease to please mindset?” Watch as Sally shares how to avoid the disease to please.

Q3 – Pooja wants to know: “You have talked about your intention statement. When and where would you use it?” Catch Sally’s answer + learn what her own personal intention statement is.

Q4 – Brittany asks, “What questions can we ask ourselves to make sure we are keeping our career in front of the job?” Here Sally speaks to the importance of a career-first mindset.

Q5 – Shelley questions, “I feel like I always have to prove myself. Especially around my peers. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I can do it. How do I get past the fear that I am not good enough and have the confidence to succeed?” View this snippet from Sally’s previous live event where she speaks to this.

Q6 – Julie wonders, “You said that self acceptance and confidence are key. What are a few ways to model this?” Check out how Sally answered her question.

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As our Building Brave Community grows, so does our ability to craft customized content specific to your organization’s events + activities. We recently created a custom panel for our Community partners that showcased stories + advice from qualified contributors. The conversations that followed were beneficial to women’s professional growth + facilitated deeper connection amongst peers.

Interested in learning more about a vibrant Building Brave Community for the women your work with? Learn who we serve.

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